The Wrong Missy Review

May 20, 2020 at 3:49pm
By Jason Stettner

The Wrong Missy is a Netflix Original film that is rather generic, and generally lacking in delivering the laughs. This is another one of those typical movies where they aim to provide a number of raunchy jokes and push the envelope with some over the top moments. For the most part this wasn’t at all funny, and almost too cringey for any sense of enjoyment. This created a number of really awkward quiet scenes where the actors were trying to make things work.

It wasn’t a great viewing, though I did enjoy seeing an older David Spade as Tim using a sort of calm relaxed attitude. Basically a solid straight man here comedy wise. It felt different, and that in itself worked well against the too insane Missy (Lauren Lapkus). The character was just ridiculous, and her wild persona just is too much. There’s the usual Happy Madison crew present, so if you enjoy the band I’m sure you’ll find this fine. I didn’t find it to be very entertaining, and again it was generally just so generic.

It basically follows Tim messaging the wrong lady for a special corporate retreat. He thought he was meeting his dream girl for a second date (which was a fancy work trip and that’s kind of insane honestly), whereas he ended up with the crazy one. If you’ve watched anything like this in the past, then you can immediately guess where it’ll head and each of the events that will happen. It was painfully boring in that regard, nothing new or creative there expect the wacky little events tickled in-between.
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The acting ranged from alright to poor, and at times awkward. It’s a string of appearances as various characters interact on this vacation. It feels like yet another time where the crew wanted a real vacation and used the time to shoot a movie as well. I didn’t find it to be particularly enjoyable or funny to view.

I’ll likely forget about this one, well I imagine I won’t ever watch it again. That being said, if you fit into this wheelhouse of movies then you’ll want to throw it on as background noise or a repeat film to view. I know the type well, and this will just be another entry within that roster. I didn’t find this to be stylized in any interesting way, it was just a nice spot for a vacation that had minor work oriented events thrown into the mix.

The Conclusion

The Wrong Missy is a rather dreadful comedy, coming across as generic and fitting into the typical type of rubbish that comes from this group. That’s not to say they haven’t released some gems, just that this one fits in with the worst of the bunch. It’s a largely forgettable sort of venture, or one that you’ve see many times over.

The concept isn’t too bad, it’s the execution here that’s just mundane and largely boring. It’s a bit too wild I suppose, and maybe too ridiculous. I did, for the part enjoy the style of the straight man that Spade sent out though the cringe around him was too much to handle for me.

There’s just not a whole lot to say about this one, it’s predictable from their first meeting point and it just was so unrealistic and silly. It goes over the top and I think that detracts from any sort of connection this could have provided. I also didn’t quite see the qualities that made certain switch have enough sense, or believability to them.

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Rating Overall: 3.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner