Triple Frontier Review

March 14, 2019 at 9:14pm
By Jason Stettner

Triple Frontier is a Netflix Original film that follows a grouping of soldiers that slowly get together. It takes a long time, it really feels slow for the first half of this film. The goal of this group, is to essentially complete a hit while performing a robbery. One man has a target, but together they all want the money that's waiting for them in a complex.

That's really only a part of this experience as it's more about the journey surrounding the capture, and then the delivery that follows. The heist is a small middle chunk. It's certainly a dark film, and one that presents a certain level of realism. It is however a very boring venture with only minor moments of interesting tension. It has a rather amazing cast which work well as a unit, we just don't get to see much pressure on them. It's mostly a lot of walking and lugging things around. The tactical situations were excellent, but few in appearance.
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This is a very well shot film that showcases some beautiful sights. There's a great sense of scale here with some tactical, slower and more realistic combative situations. These parts were excellent, but they're minimal. It's basically just a long walk that some folks go on, with little action shown throughout. It's a long venture as the film never seems to end.

There were some powerful moments, but it seemed to drag on despite excellent performances from the crew. The morality elements weren't really delivered too well. They had weird changes of mentality which really didn't make sense. They wanted to teach a certain sense of doing the right thing, while not doing it most of the time. A fine line that should have been established better at the start. More of a show with action as opposed to a mention.

The Conclusion

Triple Frontier has some great moments, but largely it's a rather slow film with not a whole lot going on. It took forever to get going, and in that regard it came across as generic. A bunch of older soldiers that decide to go at it one more time, but need a bit of swaying. It's typical, and what makes this distinct also makes this feel slow. The core heist aspect of the film is brief, and with that all the action vanishes rather quickly.

You do get some solid performances, and the environments are beautifully shot. They visit some great locations, but most of it is them complaining about their haul. It might have a shocking moment of tension here or there, but most of this wasn't very enticing. I didn't particularly enjoy it despite there being a rather intriguing opening element.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner