Unicorn Store Review

April 5, 2019 at 7:15pm
By Jason Stettner

Unicorn Store is a Netflix Original film that follows a young woman that's transitioning from being an artist, to just trying to not feel like a failure to her parents. This is an individual that likes glitter, splashing paint and just embracing high levels of wild colors. Kit (Brie Larson) has headed home, and has decided to get a regular adult life going. She's weird.

This is the general start for events in the film, that is until a series of special cards come in. They call for her to visit a store, a special store. This place is run by the salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) who wants to give Kit a unicorn. From there, it's about her trying to balance a sense of herself while still growing up. There are unicorn requirements, by attempting to accomplish these tasks she learns about herself and life in general.

She meets new people, and starts to understand society better. I thought the overall message was somewhat muddled however. It feels like this balanced more towards a sense of her having a breakdown, in comparison to what is reality. Still, they don't lean into that enough and it feels odd at times. Very, very strange indeed.
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Brie Larson is just fantastic in this performance. There's something so odd about her large array of expressions, and it works for this type of character. For the most part it was interesting in terms of how it was shot, and they go wild on the colors aspect. There are some really vibrant and weird scenes, sometimes over the top. It flows generally well, with some rather hilarious moments layered throughout.

These mostly come from odd mannerisms, or the act of concealing this concept of working towards getting a unicorn. While it was enjoyable, I wish there was perhaps more depth or meaning. I thought it concluded well, to the point and it helped add some sense to certain things. It could have been a tad more sinister, or even lighter towards the key finale point. Either way, it didn't go all in when it could have.

The Conclusion

Unicorn Store is fun, and funny though it stumbles with what it's trying to say. It's a bit odd, this won't be for everyone. I thought it had some golden moments, and otherwise strange times. I'm not sure what the point of certain situations were, or the general plot as some things really didn't get closed up. It was a bizarre film that seems like someone just wanted to have an ultra glitter fest party against a dull office situation.

There were some neat moments at looking towards how younger people feel in regards to failure and the way the world is in current times. That thought process of failure, but it really didn't dive into that aside from making it come across as a bit of a joke. Still, fantastic cast and a great time to view. Just don't expect anything too thought provoking or traditional. It's a seriously weird film. Still, I liked it.

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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner