We Are the Champions Season 1 Review

November 18, 2020 at 9:51pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original documentary series that dives into some of the most niche competitive events one could come up with. It’s just a bizarre series of competitions, but they’re presented in such a charming and light hearted sort of way. It kicks off with the cheese roll, an apparently brutal event where folks hurl themselves down a dangerous hill.

I’ve heard of the concept prior, but had never thought to witness it to any degree. It’s actually somewhat fascinating, with a long history behind it and even big names within said event. I think that’s fascinating, that these types of things happen out there in the world. It’s really cool to see them highlighted, and to also witness something so unique. Stories that wouldn’t be told otherwise, taking them to a larger stage. It’s very well done, and definitely worth a watch.

Other episodes include one based on a chili competition, another on dog dancing and even wild hair. It offers quite a bit, and you can watch them individually if you’re not interested in any specific setups. That’s nice, as you can view based on interests since they don’t lean on one another at all. At the same time, they’re all about celebrating weird moments with the highest amount of passion. The frog jumping is really fun, thought I’d mention that.
We Are the Champions Season 1 Wallpaper
This is very well shot, it looks just lovely with many gorgeous scenes. It presents the locations beautifully, and also really digs in deep to showcase the people that make these events happen. From those competing, to the organizers behind the scenes. It’s quite fascinating, with good pacing and some emotive points to make the whole way through.

It’s surprisingly motivational and delivers some light hearted moments in each episode which is nice. It definitely is a different sort of presentation, and I really liked it. Just the most quirky and weirdest of things were present here. Nice to see something shine a light on stuff that I didn’t know was happening.

The Conclusion

We Are the Champions Season 1 is a great showcase of generally obscure and mostly niche competitions. They’re brought to the forefront of this show, and they deliver some excellent times. I had a blast watching this, and seeing the various situations. They explained the events well, and allowed you to really understand the scale of what was happening here.

It was also very global in nature, offering a selection of niche events from global spots which was nice. It was just a pleasant time, and delightful in its presentation. It looked sleek, was hopeful and strangely motivating. Smiling faces, good times and the weirdest passions come out in full force here.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner