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Aftercharge Xbox One X Enhanced and Xbox Play Anywhere

Aftercharge is a 3v3 competitive game that has a group of invisible robots battling an invicible security squad. Players need to either defend or attack these energy pods to win the game. After getting some time with the game during a pre-launch event I was able to inquire about some general questions and features that it might have upon launch. With it being a title that's set for Steam and Xbox One I thought it was worth inquiring on just how fine tuned the game will be for the console. This always comes down to, at least for the current time whether it's going to be Xbox One X Enhanced or if it'll support Xbox Play Anywhere with cross-play. The questions and answers to those details can be found below with entirely direct quotes from a developer.

Will Aftercharge be Xbox One X enhanced?
"It should yes, unless a meteorite strikes us before I'm able to do it (stuck out tongue emoticon)"

Any thoughts on making this Xbox Play Anywhere with cross-play between Xbox One & Win10? Thanks,
"Would definitely love this, we're already looking at having crossplay across Steam and Xbox, Win10 will be considered if it's not too much of a hassle to get working properly!"

It definitely looks like they'll be going all out with Aftercharge in regards to having cross-play support and the largest special features that the Xbox platform is pushing. I wasn't given any additional details for either of them, but we will see a shinier version of the game on Xbox One X and hopefully the ability to get the largest pool of possible players. You can read our preview on Aftercharge below to get a better idea of what the game will be like from a time with the game on Steam PC.

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Aftercharge Xbox One X Screenshot

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