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Aliens vs Predator Xbox Backwards Compatible Support Looks Good

While it hasn't officially been noted as being Xbox Backwards Compatible, it looks as though Aliens vs Predator might be the next release on the program. The game is showing up on the official Xbox Store with the revamped backwards compatible style page design and also noting that it's "available on Xbox One". You can view that page from the link below to see for yourself. Furthermore, it has placeholder screenshots and an install size different than its original release. That's usually the case for these digital titles that are backwards compatible.

It should be exciting for fans to see this title once again playable on the current console. While this information doesn't confirm it, the details make it seem very likely to be happening. The titles that become playable on Xbox One usually arrive on Tuesday and Thursday during the week with little to no announcement prior to. The title was published by SEGA and developed by Rebellion back in 2010. This was a first person shooter featuring three campaigns based on the various factions within this universe mix. There were the Colonial Marines, the Aliens and the Predators. There was also an exciting multiplayer where you could battle it out as the various powerful forces.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner