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All Crackdown DLC is Free

April 19, 2019 at 6:48pm

In a surprise change all of the Crackdown DLC is now free to acquire. This includes all of the extra content that was released for the first and second entries in the franchise. It is also worth noting that the extra Crackdown 3 DLC is free too, so the title fits. Moving past that, this appears to be a similar move that happened previously with the Gears of War franchise. All of the Xbox 360 titles had their DLC become free.

It is currently unknown if this is just a momentary thing, or if the DLC will always be free moving forward. Whatever the case, it’s best to scoop up the additional content as it expands the games and in some cases adds Xbox Achievements. If that’s not enough free items, if you’re still rocking the old Xbox Avatars, all of the Crackdown 2 Avatar clothing items are also now free.
Crackdown Free
Both of these games are Xbox Backwards Compatible with the first entry being Xbox One X enhanced at this current point. That means you can enjoy these additional packs on Xbox 360, Xbox One or future Xbox consoles if purchased for free to own the license. For context, the Crackdown series is all about cleaning up crime however you’d like to. Collect skill points to become stronger and save the city by blasting away anything that gets in the way. The bigger explosions, the better the rewards. You can find the various DLC packs below to download.

Crackdown "Getting Busy Bonus Pack"
Crackdown 2 "Deluge Pack"
Crackdown 2 "Toy Box Pack"

I hope you found this helpful, check out our review of the third entry below or check out the franchise hub for additional coverage on the series.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner