Army of Two is now Free on EA Access

Army of Two was the first entry in this duo buddy shooter franchise and it's now free on EA Access. That means any players that have the pass on Xbox One consoles can now hop into the game and enjoy the full experience. This allows easy access to all aspects of the game from the intense campaign setup to the shut down multiplayer coop that was the heart of the game, everything is included. It joins a long list of vault titles as a free game for unlimited play and enjoyment. Simply select the free with EA Access option to download the game from the store page on console or on the Xbox site and play it regularly. This removes the cost for the game granting full access to the entire core package. The download size is currently 5.84 GB so that's rather small for an install size.

Army of Two was a true coop experience that really showcased the early potential of improved online multiplayer, which is now shut down. It brought a plethora of weapons and cooperative based movements that you can no longer witness online as a team. There was quality to the missions as you aimed to gain additional profits for better tools, so that your online friend could feel safer. It's packed with content and is not Xbox One X enhanced bringing no 4k resolution with no HDR support as well. Enter the ring again as this Xbox 360 game is yet another entry in the large EA digital library. Marketplace Storepage
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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner