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Ashen Xbox Play Anywhere Confirmed

Ashen is a Xbox exclusive third person open world RPG where players work together in seamless online worlds. Together with a cooperative focus players tackle challenges and the various harsh enemies found within the environments. Ashen is a confirmed Xbox Play Anywhere title according to the official listing with the game having the badge indicating its inclusion in the program. This means that buying the game once digitally will unlock the title for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC devices. The state of the game will be shared between devices including Achievements, Saves and possibly support for cross-play coop as many other past XPA titles have supported.

Ashen carries a dark, heavy tone where everything is rather grey while featuring a unique art style. The further you travel from the light, the darker the world becomes. Players work in a small group to tackle challenges such as puzzle based dungeons, large bosses or other creatures. At E3 2017 we were given a preview of the game behind closed doors with it running at 4k 60fps on Xbox One X. With this being a Xbox exclusive, anticipate it to push hardware on all sides of the platform family.

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