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August 2018 Movies Release List

This is a August 2018 Movies Release List that goes over all the key films that are going to be arriving in theaters over the month. This will showcase the dates and titles that should definitely be on the radar for the month. Keep in mind that movies typically launch on Friday with advanced showings on Thursday nights in most theaters. The site reviews a number of the films as well as early as the Wednesday of release so be on the lookout for those. The movies should mostly all be larger releases with the occasional small one also included. Noted dates should be accurate for the United States and Canadian regions. Keep in mind that some films may be delayed though most stick to their original spot, especially considering how close to release this list is compiled.
Christopher Robin Movie
"The Movies Releasing August 2018"
August 3rd
-Christopher Robin
Head back to a magic world as Pooh needs help to find his missing friends on this enchanting journey.

-The Spy Who Dumped Me
A spy leaves her, two friends try to get back to that very spy in this comedy?

August 10th
-The Meg
One man will take on an absolutely massive shark in adventure of pure action.

-Slender Man
The internet and game sensation heads to the big screen bringing high levels of fear.

August 15th
-Crazy Rich Asians
This is all about culture, being rich while hiding it and then meeting a family.

August 17th
-Mile 22
One agent must secure a package against overwhelming odds and a dire situation.

August 25th
-The Happytime Murders
Puppets and people live together, there have been murders and a duo is sent to solve the crimes.>

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