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Buildbox 3D Release Date & Game Engine Details

The ever fancy and growing Buildbox family of software products continues to grow. The Buildbox 3D release date and game engine details have been announced. Right away the brand new engine is available to download for subscribers that are existing or new. The pricing is available with a number of tiers based on what a particular developer is looking for with their creations. It is releasing as a beta however so not all features will be integrated. Some general features include a complete overall as it transitions from a 2D building engine to one that handles 3D assets even easier apparently.

There's no coding involved with this system, but with the new offering scripting is an option. This allows anyone to create nodes which are variations on the engine adding various improvements and these can be shared with online. The goal there is to work towards a community driven development setup. Other improvements are just a simple way to build 3D games with many templates to try out prior to starting your own. There's a new navigation system to easily manage assets and many new rotation options for controlling a camera in this new setup. Finally, there's the asset library with fresh creations being added weekly going forward. That's just the general overview on Buildbox 3D with additional news to come in the future.

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