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Call of Duty Franchise has the Best Selling Games this Generation

It would seem that Activision's mighty series is only getting bigger as the Call of Duty franchise has the best selling games this generation. This is across both Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms with the reference information coming from the NPD Group. The details are focused on both physical and digital sales in the United States over the span of the generation until November 2018.

This is a comparison of the game sales across the consoles in terms of ranking positions and what titles are present. To start, the same titles are present on both platform lists. This includes with only the subtitles; Call of Duty: WWII, Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare. This excludes other titles this generation that aren't in the top ten including "Ghosts" and "Black Ops 4". The latter will most likely track down the road, the title hasn't been out very long thus far.

In the prior noted order on Playstation 4 the games rank 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th. In comparison the Xbox One order is 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th. It's all very similar aside from Advanced Warfare. It definitely seems that in comparison the Call of Duty franchise dominates and has the best selling games this generation just by pure quantity and placement. No other series delivers like that within the list. That aside, read our review of the most popular of Activision's titles in the generation Call of Duty: WWII or visit our overall hub on the games below.

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