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Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Xbox One X Enhanced

The Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Xbox One X enhanced update brings some excellent upgrades to the latest release of this sporting simulation. With this quality enhancement there's a large boost in visual quality and a general uplift for all aspects of gameplay. First off there's the 4k resolution, this is followed by higher texture resolution and a steady 60fps. To top it all off there's support for HDR so this is a really great extra for the game. This will bring the highest of quality to this console version of the game. All of this at a 7.07 GB install size that can be enjoyed with up to four players online or locally.

This entry features a completely reworked series of face-off; shot, stick and dodging controls. There's even enhanced AI that responds to the complex 6v6 tactics of lacrosse. New motion capture animations for every aspect of play from face-offs and shooting to post goal celebrations add even further realism. Another great feature is that you can create custom stadiums and logos for your team. There's comprehensive player and team creators, allowing you to put yourself as well as your team right into the thick of the biggest competitions of all. Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is a great way to enjoy the sport and the details of this enhancement were provided right from the development team.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner