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Cineplex Scene Points Cost Increasing to see a Free Movie

February 23, 2019 at 10:38pm

As of April 17, 2019 it’ll be harder to watch free movies at Cineplex Theatres. This is due to a change in the value of points required to see a film there. While this is being showcased as not a big deal since the same amount of movies you need to view in order to get a free one is the same, it’ll cost a ton more for you to earn them through other means.

A definite benefit for the chain whereas consumers will continue to have problems earning enough to see the movies for free through this rewards program as compared to when it launched. To start, the online twenty bonus points will no longer be given as of the above date. A regular ticket used to earn 100 points and it would cost 1000 to redeem. That is now 125 points and 1250 points to redeem. The 3D films earned 150 points and cost 1500 to redeem, they now earn 125 points and cost 1250 points to redeem. It should be noted that 3D films are decreasing in frequency.
Cineplex Scene Rec Room
For “Enhanced” films which are AVX, D-Box or IMAX used to earn 150 and cost 1500, they now earn 200 and cost 2000 points. VIP Cinemas earned 200 points for 2000 and now earn 250 points with a redeem cost of 2500 points. When it comes to food and drinks, these are the changes. A concession combo earned 50+ points and cost 500 points = $5 CAD to redeem.

They now earn 100 points whereas the redeem has not changed. The snacks, food and drink earned 10 points for a 500 redeem. They now earn only 5 points for the same redeem. The meals and more have not changed. This includes the 800+ dining partners and The Rec Room. The following combos are now double; one, two, three, four, Outtakes Meals which include Sandwich, Hot Dog, Regular Fries and Regular Drink.

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