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City of Brass Nintendo Switch Port Possible

City of Brass could very well head to the Nintendo Switch according to the developers. During our interview with the team we asked about possibly seeing the game on the console and they gave us a direct reply to that. It was noted that their preference is to have the game on every platform they can though there's no official announcement that can be given. It mostly comes down to a resources thing as they aim to provide new content and fix issues as opposed to porting over the game to another platform. They're a small team and it makes sense that resources are used efficiently. The full quote can be found below that we were given during the interview. For context, this is a procedurally generating experience set in a sandy city where players aim to progress a dungeon landscape and eliminate bosses.

"Our preference is to be on every platform we can be! So yes, while we don’t have anything to announce at this stage, we’d certainly like to get City of Brass on to the Switch if we can. But as a team of only 6 full-time developers, it’s a matter of juggling updates and fixes vs looking at a new platform. "

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