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Crackdown 3 Update Coop Fixes

February 26, 2019 at 2:37pm

Crackdown 3 might have just released, but with a recent free DLC pack and planned fixes we already have an update focused on fixing coop issues.

Performance Improvements
-performance during particularly long coop sessions
-they are still working on fixes, such as the 30fps lock.

Coop Save Games Fixes
-backing out of the world select menu no longer overwrites the original selection
-Coop campaigns should now prompt for an empty save slot to avoid overwriting existing world data
Crackdown 3 Screenshot
-backing out of the world select menu no longer overwrites the original selection
-When playing coop, if one person leaves or drops a timer will start. This is a notification prior to taking you back to the main menu. This was popping up incorrectly

-There was a small chance that if you died during the Niemand fight, the air lift to return to the boss area would not open, fixed.

-The Annihilator and the Minotaur have had their projectile blast radius corrected to match their visuals

-Rotating platforms on propaganda towers will no longer hitch a few feet backwards during rotation

-Mice issue with high refresh rate/DPI were causing severe FPS loss in the menu, fixed now

-Rare time where vehicles would be catapulted away during collisions fixed

-Issue with supply points not changing to blue in coop is fixed

-Tons of audio and VO adjustments

-Lots of tiny fixes

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner