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Crackdown, Fable: Anniversary, Forza Horizon & The Witcher 2 Xbox One X Enhanced

The latest selection of Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 games are now available bringing four mighty titles. These games are available as of February 27, 2018 bringing improved visuals on the premium console among other enhancements. The four games are Crackdown, Fable: Anniversary, Forza Horizon and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. After an update Enhanced graphics will be turned on by default, this will run your game with higher resolution at 9X the pixel count with increased texture details and antialiasing. This takes the total number of upgraded Xbox 360 Backwards compatible games to 11 total.

Crackdown is all about kills for skills as you work to level your agent and clean the streets. It's also a fresh Xbox Backwards Compatible release with this batch. Following that is Fable: Anniversary, a beautiful upgrade to the classic charming RPG from the original Xbox. Forza Horizon is the first in the open world racing spin-off and actually delisted from the store making this an interesting choice. The final game is the second entry in the epic The Witcher series. All the games should be available to play right away though it may take some time for the servers to fully refresh for them, but they should all be available as of the posted date above.

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