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Crusaders of Light Steam PC Cross-Play Confirmed

Crusaders of Light on Steam PC will indeed have cross-play with the other devices creating a completely connected experience for the MMORPG. This was confirmed during our interview with a NetEase representative with that being linked below and pieces of the highlighted information will be included here. The massively large mobile MMORPG Crusaders of Light is coming to Steam in March 2018 bringing a fully connected experience. It'll have cross-play across platforms including Android, IOS or Facebook with this PC version being the latest entry to the ecosystem. In our interview it's mentioned that in regards to gamers and cross-play: "They want to be able to play where they want, when they want - and a cross-platform game like Crusaders of Light allows them to do that.

The goal here is to allow players to go home and enjoy it on a comfortable desktop or even engage in a Raid while waiting on a bus ride while they're out. "Why not set the adventure free and let players play however they prefer? was another mention there as so many individuals are so busy in life, why not make it convenient for them to play. Whatever the case, it's great that the game is embracing cross-play as it's best when games can be accessed anywhere by everyone and then played together. This style of gameplay is becoming ever more popular and it's great to see that the game will embrace this concept.

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