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Darwin Project Xbox Free to Play Confirmed

The Darwin Project on Xbox One will become a free to play game to follow what's been done with the PC version of the game. The aim of this is to attract additional players to the experience and make sure that the player base is expansive enough to support the titles' development. Starting July 4, 2018 the Darwin Project will be free to download. If you had previously paid for the game you will automatically get the "Founder's Pack". This includes a variety of items, clothing variants and over ten fan gifts. The package is stuffed with digital cosmetics as the development team is dedicated to providing an experience that isn't pay to win.

If you want a refund of the game it's mentioned that you can reach out to the Xbox support team to receive one. Other details include recent improvements to the friend system and general performance. It's also planned that the feel of combat is to be adjusted in the future. For context the Darwin Project is a battle royale title with a focus on smaller arena based combat. There are survival elements as you'll need to fend off the cold and craft items to assist in battle. It's a different take on the genre and one that has been on Xbox Game Preview for awhile at this point after being showcased by Xbox at E3 2017.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner