DayZ Playstation 4 Release Still Set for 2019

January 30, 2019 at 3:40am

The DayZ Playstation 4 release is still set for 2019 according to Bohemia Interactive. This was initially mentioned some time after the release into Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One consoles. It was noted that they were aiming to deliver the game to Playstation consoles at the same time they hit the update 1.0 mark on Xbox. It would seem that progress has started to begin according to their latest status report. On top of that, they’ve been replying to most inquires about it on Twitter. Like with this question; are you going to release the game on PS4 ? and the reply was “Yes, still aiming to do it this year. :)”. That tweet thread can be read in full from the link below.

Past that, they released a status report on January 25th which outlined their current plans towards release on the console. ” We also know that we still have a large sleeper community on PlayStation 4 patiently waiting for a release. While we are currently not able to dedicate more resources to advancing with another platform, we're taking small steps towards a PS4 release later this year. . This of course confirms that at least initial planning, perhaps even a build is in-progress. It’ll most likely follow the formula that Xbox One has with builds being worked on PC and then ported over to the console. You can read about the special Hardcore mode below, or view the hub for additional coverage on this zombie survival title.

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