DayZ Xbox One 1.05 Update Features

August 31, 2019 at 1:11am

The DayZ Xbox One 1.05 update features will include a number of new additions, that will alter how you interact within the zombie survival world. This update will be identical on Playstation 4, and the updates will release at the same time.

The listing of what to expect can be found below, there are likely to be additional features added at launch, but everything here will be confirmed for that upcoming release that is already in internal testing for the console platform. It should be exciting to see this coming in the near future, to once again give players new toys and features to play with as they survive.
DayZ Xbox One 1.05 Update Features
-This type of disease will now fully appear, with a chance to appear within water bottles and canteens when initially spawned.

Sewing Kits
-The leather sewing kit no longer can treat injuries. Regular sewing kits will now use 20% of the item’s quantity.

-When players talk in-game, zombies will be attracted to them

Sarka 120 with Attachments
-A new vehicle type

-Bodies will naturally decay over time now

Mlock-91 with Attachments
-New pistol type weapon

MKII with Magazine
-New pistol type weapon

KAS-74U with Attachments
-New rifle type weapon

-Players can now climb, or vault for obstacles of up to 2.30 meters high.

-Rotten food, and food poisoning added. Rotten and dried states when spawned now.

Those are all of the details that are currently present for this upcoming update. It should definitely change many elements of the overall game. Read our review of this console version below, or the hub for additional coverage and some great guides for the console platforms.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner