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DayZ Xbox One Custom Characters Confirmed

January 29, 2019 at 8:52pm

The DayZ Xbox One custom characters confirmed as a feature being brought to the game. This will allow players to choose their own in-game model to use and what type of starter clothing they'd like. There will be basically pre-set models, you're like to be able to change the gender as well. There's currently no set date for when this feature will be present within the Xbox Game Preview title, but it's just been confirmed again after being mentioned multiple times by the developer Bohemia.

It was most recently mentioned on Twitter " We will enable the free choosing of character models, and of course you can choose their clothing." in response to the question " are we going to get customizable characters ever? So that way each survivor is unique?". That thread can be read below, it acts as a perfect confirmation that this will eventually come. No other information has been presented, but this will most likely just appear within the game on some random day. Features like this are rarely announced in advance for the title. It’ll follow a release from the PC build which gets experimental builds prior to them heading over to Xbox One. For now, read our thoughts on the game for the Xbox One platform or view the DayZ Hub for other details about the general game of zombies.

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