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DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes December 18th, 2018

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes for December 18th, 2018 have been revealed with a number of fixes and tweaks to the experience. This is of course the console version of the massive open world zombie survival game. Players battle against each other and zombies in a large persistent world. The patch notes can be found below, note that things tend to change over time. Restarting the game/console may be necessary and an update will need to be applied.

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes:
Added Things.
-Metal Wire to base building proxies.

-Plants take only 30 minutes to grow now.
-HUD icons and UI updates
-Damage system for vehicles
-System messages
-Metabolism and regeneration
-Stamina and quantity progress bars
-HUD icons

-Several server crashes
-Rag icon vanishes when moved over to fireplace
-The Incorrect filter name in Filters -> Sorting
-No possibility to switch firing mode
-Polytunnel having a white untextured square inside
-Torch no being possible to ignite from a burning Fireplace
-Fixed missing LODs in medium tent camonet proxy
-Roadflare burning sound not playing
-Wheels might be shaking/twitching
-Missing material/textures
-A seat can be moved while a player is sitting on it
-Faulty firegeometry components

-Feathers and Small Guts from skinning of Chickens
-You character, wiped again

These adjustments should help players with survival as its already hard enough dealing with the undead and any bandits that might be out there roaming around the desolate country landscape.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner