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DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes November 23rd, 2018: Vehicles, Base Building

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes for November 23rd, 2018 have been revealed with a number of fixes and tweaks to the experience. This is of course the console version of the massive open world zombie survival game. Players battle against each other and zombies in a large persistent world. The patch notes can be found below, note that things tend to change over time. Restarting the game/console may be necessary and an update will need to be applied.

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes:
To start, this is by far the largest update they've ever sent out and it was supposed to launch the day prior, but was delayed..

-new vehicle: ADA 4x4 + parts and other necessary items
-base building and necessary items to make it work (tools, planks, nails as examples)
-added some missing controls (freelook, walking, switching fire mode, gun zeroing)
-fixed various issues with hit registration of firearms
-changed the weather setup to feature less rain
-new shotgun and ammo for it
-tents and barrels for making improvised camps as well as loot stashes
-improved night time
-lots of other new items configured for spawning in the Central Economy
-slightly increased numbers of infected

Known Issues
-maps can be picked up and opened, but you can not navigate in them (controls are missing)
-vehicle controls may be too sensitive at times
-leaning is still missing (controls are missing)
-weapon sounds can stop playing in some situations
DayZ Xbox One Screenshot
Quick Details
-ADA 4x4 car
-Base building
-New controls option (walk, freelook, zeroing on firearms)
-Weapon collision with geometry
-Visual bleeding effect
-Heat comfort and disease effects
-New sounds
-Directional player death animations
-Weapon jamming
-Restraining characters
-infected tweaks (including their numbers per server)
-tweaked wild boar behavior
-tweaked navmesh functionality
-tweaks for animations, holding poses, vegetation collisions, gestures and more in data
-various animation tweaks
-tweaked infected aggro
-weights of food adjusted
-changes in unconsciousness mechanics
-changes in AI navigation
-changes to instance management (fix for desync where the player is in one stance but has a speed of another)
-changes to sun shadows
-changes to weather configuration -changes to nighttime configuration
-changes to input system
-changes regarding server/client stability
-changes to networking (including fixes for hit registration issues) -security fixes
-revamped Fire Station
-revamped police station building
-items have been renamed
-updated offline DB to reflect the current online state
-changes to map toggling
-and many changes in data (animations, configs, settings)

The New Items
-ADA 4X4 + attachments
-Tire Repair Kit
-Battery Charger

-Green Pepper
-Packed Pepper Seeds
-Packed Pumpkin Seeds
-Packed Tomato Seeds
-Packed Zucchini Seeds
-Garden Lime
-Powdered Milk
DayZ Xbox One Screenshot
-Assault Helmet
-Assault Helmet Visor
-Athletic Sunglasses
-Baseball Caps
-Denim Jacket
-Hockey Helmet
-Flat Cap
-Jumpsuit -Capri Pants
-Jean/Denim Shorts
-Radar Caps
-Officer Cap
-Enduro Helmet
-Enduro Helmet Mouthguard
-Hard Hat
-Suit Jackets
-Womens Suit Jacket
-NBC Suit
-BDU Jacket
-Sports shirt
-Zmijovka Hat

-Disinfectant Spray
-Tetracycline Pills
-Alcoholic Tincture
-Codeine Painkiller
-New Shotgun
-MP5 Rail Handguard
-Polymer KA Buttstock
-Normalized Suppressor.
-KA Folding stock
-M4A1 Rail Handguard

Base Building
-Military Tent
-Civilian Tent
-Car Tent
-Fence Kit
-Combination Lock
-Watchtower kit
-Wooden Logs
-Wooden Planks
-Sheet Metal
-Metal Wire
-Barbed Wire
-Xmas Lights
-Camo Net
-Power Generator
-Cable Reel
-Wire Mesh Barrier
-Lumber Pile
-Bear Trap

-Handcuff Keys
-Tourist Map
-Glow Sticks
-Gas Stove
-Gas Lamp
-Large Gas Canister
-Medium Gas Canister
-Brass Knuckles
-Heat Packs
-Orienteering Compass
-Campfire Tripod
-Sharpening Stone

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