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DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes November 2nd, 2018

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes for November 2nd, 2018 have been revealed with a number of fixes and tweaks to the experience. This is of course the console version of the massive open world zombie survival game. Players battle against each other and zombies in a large persistent world. The patch notes can be found below, note that things tend to change over time. Restarting the game/console may be necessary and an update will need to be applied.

The DayZ Xbox One Patch Notes:
-Player stuck in the login queue after console update is fixed
-Massive FPS drop when scoping in big cities is improved
-Favorite filters can corrupt navigation in server list screen is fixed
-Description block text in "Options" on Xbox One X is easier to see
-Quick bar in the tutorial picture tweaked
-Canceling logout timer using B eventually kicks you out of the server after 15 seconds fixed
-Player Invite button added
-Night is now shorter
These adjustments should help players with survival as its already hard enough dealing with the undead and any bandits that might be out there roaming around the desolate country landscape.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner