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Dead Space 3 Now Free via Games with Gold

Dead Space 3 is now free via Games with Gold for those Gold subscribing members on Xbox One or Xbox 360. Grabbing the license for the game will allow players to enjoy the full experience of the game while they're subscribed. It will be available on Games with Gold from August 1st to 15th 2018. It's a decent size game taking a total of 16.06 GB on your hard drive. You can view all the currently available GWG games here as it will be joined by Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One during the first part of the month. This title is also Xbox Backwards Compatible so it can be played on Xbox One along with any and all DLC.

The game was published by EA and developed by Visceral. This was the third and at this time, the most recent entry in the series. It continues past events with a new cooperative twist for those that want to play with one other friend. Survive hostile creatures across an even worse freezing environment. It's cold whether you're on a planet of snow blasting enemies or in the darkness of space. There's a full crafting system to enhance tools and support for Kinect on Xbox 360. There's a focus on mostly linear play and narrative as the horrors of space close in.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner