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Destiny 2 Events Until February 2019

Bungie has revealed a number of Destiny 2 events until February 2019. These feature a wide range of activities and things to do within their online, always active world. Annual Pass holders are in for a series of firsts. Beginning December 4, you’ll be invited to visit the Black Armory.

From there you'll be sent on a series of quests to rediscover; reactivate, and reclaim four lost forges along with the various weapons they offer as a reward. A new raid will open on December 7, and the bravest fireteams among the people will make their initial runs in hopes of powerful rewards and community glory. For all players, the Dawning will light up on December 11 with more details to come on that.
Destiny 2 Forsaken Screenshot
For more precise details, on December 4th you can visit the Volundr Forge. This is followed by the GoFannon Forge on December 7th and the next addition is a mighty one featuring a large clock tower being a New Raid on that same date. On the 11th of December you can witness this year's Dawning which is available to all players across the platforms.

To end the year, on December 18th you can travel to the Izanami Forge. That ends the calendar year with things kicking up again on January 8th for the Niobo Labs. At the end of that month on January 29th you can witness the Exotic Event: The Draw. Finally, Crimson Days kick off starting on February 5th being available to all players across the platforms again. That's all the details for now, be sure to read our review of the large Forsaken expansion and the hub for more general coverage of this franchise.

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