Dirt 5 Xbox Series X Revealed

May 7, 2020 at 9:46am
By Jason Stettner

From the Inside Xbox event showcasing third party reveals, we now have the announcement of Dirt 5. The game will be coming to Xbox Series X, as well as Xbox One. On the next generation console you’ll be able to choose between a 4k 60fps mode and one that runs at 120fps.

There’s Smart Delivery too, buy it on Xbox One and own it on Xbox Series X too. The game is focusing on the intensity of off road vehicles in iconic real world settings. You’ll be able to race through dynamic routes and within extreme conditions.
Dirt 5 Xbox Series X
There will be a far larger career mode where you get to dive into a deep story based series of event. It will feature a star studded cast led by Troy Baker and Nolan North. It will also feature the franchise’s deepest livery editor and in race Photo Mode. Enjoy the thrill of twelve player multiplayer action with playful objective based modes.

There will also be four player splitscreen and many new features that have yet to be revealed. The Dirt 5 release date is set for Autumn 2020 releasing on previously mentioned platforms along with Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. It will also release on Google Stadia in early 2021. Read about another similar racing title, or check out the general franchise hubs for additional coverage of games.

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