Evil Shift Custom Controller Pro Tension & Tactile Triggers Features

October 29, 2019 at 5:18pm
By Jason Stettner

The Evil Shift from Evil Controllers continues to evolve with some extra special new features within their customization area. These are enhancements for either Xbox One or Playstation 4 controllers through the service which lets you truly build whatever sort of fancy gamepad you want.

Pro Tension: An eSports feature that increases the tension of the thumbsticks (220 grams), naturally allowing the user to have more fine control over movement. Provides a significant advantage in all game types from shooters to racing games.
Evil Shift 2019
Tactile Triggers: Provides instant feedback with only 1mm of travel. Compatible with all shooters and vehicles, however Hairpin is recommended for driving games as Hairpin allows the trigger to have full travel with analog control

Tactile Sensitive buttons give players that satisfying mouse-like click, increasing reaction time, with gamers noticing an immediate difference in gameplay.

Tactile D-pad (PS4 only) provides instant feedback with only 1mm of travel. This feature adds individual buttons below the D-pad for precise selection of directional movements.

Other details include the following. The Evil Shift eSports design integrates four extra inputs that give thumb-stick control for performance play. Remap any input on the controller to any Evil Shift which takes under three seconds to remap - no tools required. Save 15 custom profile layouts, Hairpin triggers: Fire Faster with 50% reduction in tension; full range of motion for 100% game compatibility. Sensitive buttons: Press inputs over 66% faster than a standard button.

Button travels only 0.3 mm before initiating command. The Master Mod: Enhances controllers software to mod gameplay (not tournament legal). Featuring mods like Adjustable Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Tactical Rapid Fire, Auto-Aim, Auto-Run, Fast Reload, Auto-Scope, Auto-Spot and more. Compatible with series like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Destiny, GTA, Gears of War, Borderlands and more. Fortnight specifically: Build instantly, Hotkey Weapons and maintain 100% thumb-stick control. Customization Highlights include adding a custom image or tagline to the controller (just upload to the site while ordering) with 32 faceplate choices.

Choose shift paddles, shift buttons or no shift enhancements plus a choice of 7 tactile grip materials. 3 remapping options, choose thumbstick size: 11mm, 15.37mm or 17.87mm (for reference, standard OEM thumbsticks are 10mm Proprietary Convex design is engineered to increase aim by reducing over correction. Choose from 9 thumbstick colors, 10 color choices for ABXY buttons, 10 color choices for D-Pad or Six LED color choices. Read our review of an older iteration below or check out the general controller hub for additional coverage of gamepad options within the industry.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner