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Fable Fortune Release Date

The Fable Fortune release date has been announced for this free to play card game. The title is a Xbox Play Anywhere game allowing all purchased items, saves and Achievements to be synced flawlessly between Xbox One and Windows 10. The game will also be Xbox One X Enhanced with no current mention on what sort of improvements will be included there. If you're not big into those platforms, the game can be grabbed on Steam as well. Fable Fortune releases on Thursday February 22, 2018 from Xbox Game Preview and into a full release.

This follows a period of time from which it was developed through feedback by the community into a full free release. The game aims to bring the full charm of the series by dividing various characters into packs and giving them each a hero per deck. The moves you make determine how things progress and what sort of attacks you get in the later portions of the game. We look forward to checking out the full release of the game and for now you can read our latest Xbox One preview for the game.

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