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Fast & Furious Takedown Mobile Game Announced

Fast & Furious Takedown has been announced as an upcoming mobile game for IOS or Android device owners. It'll be based on the blockbuster franchise that's all about speed and cars. It will take inspiration from the series while being focused on providing a mobile driving experience. They aim to be authentic by featuring legendary cars from the films, such as Dom’s Dodge Charger, Hobbs’ truck and Shaw’s Flip Car. Additionally, familiar characters from the films will guide players through challenging missions, epic stunts, fierce chopper pursuits, and more. Players will be able to race against other drivers from around the world to dominate the Versus Leagues. There are over sixty licensed vehicles and one-thumb controls.

The Fast & Furious Takedown game will be free to play with in-game purchases (microtransactions). Here's a quote on it; “Our vision for Fast & Furious Takedown was to create a true-to-property game that leverages our team’s expertise with the unique one-touch control game mechanic,” said Ashley Ringrose, Studio Head, SMG Studio. “As fans of the Fast & Furious films ourselves, we can’t wait to turn the wheel over to other fans so they can take the game out for a spin.” There's no final release date, but pre-ordering options are available on either platform and by doing so the community will unlock special items at various tiers. You can check out our mobile reviews within the hub below.

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