Fortnite Nintendo Switch Resolution Adjusted August 2018

Things are about to look much better on Fortnite Nintendo Switch edition with this special August 24, 2018 update. This tweak will change some engine properties to improve clarity and I'll be providing the technical aspects around this tweak. First off the Fortnite Nintendo Switch resolution has been adjusted as the screen was blurry in many scenes. The Switch port shipped with the same deferred renderer that other consoles/PC use, and many of the settings were identical to Xbox One as well as PS4. What's traditionally used in the game is a dynamic resolution that drops the quality to keep frames up.

In the v5.20 updated they moved to a new high end forward renderer on platform, which gives an additional 3 milliseconds of GPU time (around a 10% improvement). This required a few engine changes, but most importantly there was no loss of visual fidelity. The end result is that the screen resolution is higher (and less blurry) while the battery life should also be improved because the GPU isn’t having to work as hard. For context, Fortnite is a massively popular free to play battle royale title. Players drop in on parachutes to find loot and then battle one another.

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Fortnite Nintendo Switch Resolution Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner