Gears 5 Weekly Store Items to November 19th 2019

November 11, 2019 at 1:53pm
By Jason Stettner

To keep things fresh, Gears 5 will have a rotating list of purchase items that are swapped out weekly for players to collect. This particular list will run to November 19th 2019 with everything being replaced afterwards. These items are used for Versus, Horde and Escape modes to customize the experience.

There are a variety of choices, and they can be purchased with iron that’s a special microtransaction currency, these are noted as credits below. The special iron can also be earned as well in order to grab them in-game as well. The listing options can be found below.
Gears 5 DLC
Weekly Items (New Items to November 19th, 2019)
Cardboard Shepard Character Skin – 800 Credits
-Change things up, become the mysterious cardboard stealth Shepard.

Cardboard Loadout Weapon Skins Pack – 600 Credits
-The strange fascination with cardboard continues in a series of weapon skins.

Animated Windflare Gnasher Weapon Skins – 400 Credits
-Flare up those Gnashers with some windflaring animations.

HUH?! Mark – 50 Credits
-What? Huh? Mark it up.

> eSports Expansion
None this week

Those are all the current options, we'll be sure to provide updated lists as new items are released over time. Check out some details about the game below, or the franchise hub for additional coverage.

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