Gears of War Lancing Through the Snow Sweater

Gears of War is getting festive once again for Gearsmas, and you can too with the "Lancing Through the Snow" Sweater. This is one badass looking option to look festive for your holiday season and it's shown in the image below. This is based on the franchise taking a blue approach to it featuring lots of decorative designs for its theme and a blue omen at the center. That special omen is also rocking a special Santa type hat.

The price is $56.99 USD with free shipping to some locations, you can see details like that and order one from the store page below. The sweaters are set to ship November 9, 2018 so I imagine this might be a limited offering. Aside from just getting the sweater you also get some sweet in-game DLC for Gears of War 4. This DLC is the Snow Globe weapons set and you'll get the full set of fourteen animated Snow globe weapon skins for use in multiplayer. The bonus DLC will go live on December 14, 2018. We think it looks really awesome, you can read our thoughts on Gears of War 4's Xbox One X enhancement below or view other coverage of the series in the hub.

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Gears of War Lancing through the Snow Sweater

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner