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Gears of War 4 Blitz Returns and February 2018 Update

Gears of War 4 continues to grow as the intense ring based mode from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition returns. This new version of the game type focuses entirely on speed and mastery of the fundamentals in this latest entry. Capturing rings is half the battle as rings offer double points once captured. You do however have to keep someone in the ring at all times. There are no clearing weapons so you'll have to take the positions the old fashioned way. With this theme the "Thrashball Pack" arrives bringing Thrashball Cole and Thrashball Drone along with two Gears team themed Weapon Skin Sets. These packs will cost 400 credits and initially be available until February 5, 2018. Keep in mind that packs do cycle in every once and awhile after their initial run. The packs can also be purchased as cosmetic microtransactions. The general Big Game Blitz IV event starts on February 2, 2018.
Gears of War 4 Blitz
February 2018 Update
This is a small update for the month bringing minor fixes and adding Wings 6-10. These Wings are for re-upped players (essentially prestiged) to a very high level. It gives high level players a goal to continue working towards once the traditional level system is completed. Details on those follow.

-Same XP requirements as Wings 5
-Same bonus credits per level as Wings 5
-No associated weapon skin rewards at this time. Wings 5 is a high target.
-An Emblem matching the in-game Wings icon you'll get with each Re-Up

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