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Gears of War 4 Consistently Exceeds Gears of War 3's Playerbase

Gears of War 4 always seems to be getting support and with good reason as the playerbase is certainly still there. While scouring through complaints about the new Achievements which don't retroactively unlock (super annoying for completionists), there was a re-iteration about just how successful the game has been. With that, here's the core detailed reply from TC Octus (Senior Community Manager), "As we’ve said many times before, we have exceeded - consistently for over half a year now - Gears 3’s playerbase at the same time in it’s life cycle. This is out of a desire to give players new goals to chase should they want them."

This was noted on the official Gears of War forums in response to a comment about the new Achievements. This is a good sign for the series going forward and it really shouldn't be all that surprising. It's been a showcase of games as services while being the forefront of Xbox's new direction and technology. It greatly pushes the Xbox One X, full support for great features such as HDR or Atmos and its Xbox Play Anywhere. That means it has a pool of Windows 10 PC players as well as Xbox One players. So really, no surprise with their active updates and large pool of players that this game consistently exceeds Gears of War 3's playerbase.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner