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Gears of War 4 Events Up To 2019

Gears of War 4 events up to 2019 have been revealed featuring a wide range of special modes, rare items to collect and generally many things to do. Celebrating its second anniversary, the game continues to develop and grow with fresh content. To build on that anniversary, there's 4x the XP in Versus and Horde during the weekend of 12-15, 2018. With that boost in leveling up you'll also be able to compete in "Stay Frosty", a game mode returning from Gears of War 3 being a TDM ‘SWAT’ variant of the Gearsiverse that’s now making its debut.

"Stay Frosty V1" | October 12-22
Mode: Team Deathmatch
Rounds: 1
Respawns: 35
Loadout: Hammerburst, Golden Gun, 1 Grenade

Hammerburst Tuning
1.5 bursts to the head will down
3 bursts to the body will down
Active Reload: Rate of fire increase, no damage buff, increased cool down time
Golden Gun Tuning
No aiming (hipfire only)
Starting ammo will be four
Grenade Tuning
Reduced damage radius
Weapon Spawns of Hammerbursts only
Gears of War 4 Events 2019
"Stay Frosty Event Weapon Skins"
Stayed Frosty
Win 10 matches of Stay Frosty between 10/12 – 10/22 at 10am PST.
Reward: Flaming & Heartbeat Hammerbursts

Get 50 Kills in Stay Frosty between 10/12 – 10/22 at 10am PST.
Reward: Heartbeat Lancer

Golden Gear Pack
Golden Gear and Golden Gear weapon skins for one last time costing 400 credits to unlock over the weekend of October 12-15.

The Road Ahead
Halloween Event (Starts October 23rd)
Final Achievements (Early November) 500 Gamerscore, goals chosen largely by the community.
Horde Boss Rush (Starts November 9th)
Blitz Returns (Starts Early November)
Thanksgibbing (Starts November 22nd)
Gearsmas 2018 (Starts December)

That's all for now, they tease more Gears of War 4 events so we'll see how that goes. Check out our hub for additional Gears coverage and read about the Xbox One X Enhancement to Gears of War 2 below.

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