Grounded Install Size

July 25, 2020 at 9:06pm
By Jason Stettner

The install size for Grounded has been revealed coming in at a rather tiny size at launch releasing on July 28, 2020 and taking up a total of 4.10 GB on the Xbox Marketplace and 3.74 GB on the Microsoft Store. The game is also Xbox One X enhanced providing an enhanced resolution with no HDR support.

It does have VRR support and is a Xbox Play Anywhere title. That’s where you buy it once digitally on either Xbox One or Windows 10 PC and own it both places. Grounded is a strange side project from Obsidian Entertainment that provides a larger than life experience. Just try and survive out there in the back yard, good luck.
Grounded File Size
This a cooperative survival game where you can play alone or within a group of up to four players online. It has cross-platform coop and allows for creative freedom as you explore this dangerous environment. It will change over time since it launched as a Xbox Game Preview offering.

This is all about surviving a hostile back yard against larger than life enemies in many ways. Explore, discover a hidden narrative and figure out what to do next. You can check out more file sizes for recent game releases below. There's also general hubs or one from the particular franchise as well noted.

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