Halo Infinite Battle Royale Will Not Be Present

While Battle Royale is super hot right now with almost every single publisher and developer chasing the format, Halo will apparently not feature it. This isn't to say they won't do something similar, but it's a strong no towards Halo Infinite Battle Royale. This was revealed during a social stream on July 18, 2018 where "Grim" was asked whether Halo Infinite would have a Battle Royale gametype. The response was that the only BR 343 Industries is interested in is the battle rifle.

That gives a slight chuckle, at least for Halo fans and all but confirms that the game isn't chasing the trend. The BR is a staple in the series weapon wise, in case you didn't know. We of course have no idea when Halo Infinite is arriving only having a tech demo at this point, so it makes sense. Battle Royale might not even be a big deal then, whatever the case that's a confirmation for the details. For extra context, there's a Halo social stream every Wednesday on the livestreaming service Mixer. We'll be sure to continue following news on Halo Infinite and are excited to see the game when it finally does fully get released. The demo teaser showcased a mix of classic and modern Halo perhaps being a fresh start for the franchise.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner