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Halo Master Chief Collection: Custom Game Browser Confirmed

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting a Xbox One X Enhancement that will overhaul the entire experience. With that update, the group that is handling the Legacy side of things at 343 has been taking in requests. One of the big ones they'll be undertaking is the addition of the custom game browser. This is a feature that many fans have wanted as the addition makes it easier to find matches and improves the longevity of the experience. While this is a feature that's definitely coming, a release date has not been set with no promises on if it'll land with the enhancement.

Not many details are present, but it will be a more robust offering than what Halo 5: Guardians had when it received one after its launch. They're also really looking at a model that's inspired by what Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2: Vista had with a drift-in, drift-out social experience. The important details are "This is one of the community’s most requested new features, which makes us extra happy to confirm - Yes, a Custom Game Browser is on the docket for MCC. As far as how this will function, that’s still being worked out but it likely will be more robust than the Custom Game browser that was added to Halo 5 last year."

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