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Happy Dungeons is Shutting Down

Happy Dungeons is shutting down entirely according to the publisher. That's right, the entire experience is being taken down and won't be accessible for anyone. This was noted; "After thorough consideration, we have determined that maintaining Happy Dungeons with the level of quality our beloved players have come to expect will be difficult. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to bring service to an end." There will be various phases to this end of service and those are listed below. It's sad to see another game vanish, I recall personally visiting this at E3 when it was initially revealed. It was a split from the Happy Wars core game being dungeon focused.

The Ending Dates and Phases
October 15, 2018
Happy Jewels will no longer be available for purchase Bundle Packs

November 12, 2018
Happy Dungeons will no longer be available to download

June 12, 2019
Service ends

That means there's still time to unlock those Xbox Achievements or generally experience the game if you'd like to. Obviously past the various dates those functions will cease to work/be available. Other details to consider, refunds on Happy Jewels will not be offered though they can be used until the ending date. For Playstation 4 users the standard distribution of Happy Jewels will end in September 2018 but players will be able to download 450 Jewels plus an additional 50 free Jewels between October 2018 and June 2019. You can re-download the game after it has been taken down, note that the game will not work offline once the servers are closed.

Happy Dungeons Closure Posting
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