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Humble Bundle Xbox Bundle X018 Might be Announced

It looks as though the Humble Bundle Xbox Bundle X018 might be announced as one of the surprises at the event. This follows a Twitter posting by Xbox that notes the date and streaming details for the X018 event. On this Twitter thread, the Humble Bundle Twitter account sent a "wink emoticon" as a response. This really doesn't say too much I suppose, but it does heavily imply that something is going on there. The two companies rarely interact outside of this.

This could very well be the Xbox Humble Bundle setup that many fans have been asking for. It's been a setup heavily used for Steam PC titles, we've also seen Origin Games as well as the occasional Playstation bundle. It is possible this will be one of the reveals at the FanFest event in Mexico City. It could also be the showcase of a new game or DLC expansion as the company does publish titles such as "A Hat in Time". This is another very possible way things could go during the stream.

All will be revealed during the event on November 10, 2018. It should be interesting to see what exactly happens as this is certainly teasing something. What would you like to see included within such a bundle? For now, read our expectations for the event and the Xbox hub for further coverage on the platform.

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