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Hyper Universe Xbox One X Enhanced

The free to play fast paced moba Hyper Universe Xbox One X Enhanced release is confirmed as the official tracking list on Xbox has it noted down. The game is set to launch on August 7, 2018 on the console bringing a number of exclusive skins and content to the platform. The enhancement will present 4k resolution with HDR10 support making the title shine on the platform. It features matches of 4v4 2D action presenting a different kind of look at the moba genre. There's a wealth of thirty-nine launch characters in the roster and many things to work towards unlocking as you build up a squad.

Hyper Universe is really team based as matches are quick and the tide can turn at any moment. Being a 2D moba you'll take adventure of ladders and gaps to swap quickly between the varying levels. Along the way you'll battle to take out towers and eventually push the other team back. It doesn't take too long and keeps the pace going perfectly well for those that don't want to be locked in forever.

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