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Just Cause 4 Xbox One X Enhanced

It has been awhile, but Rico Rodriguez has returned with a brand new engine and to be upgraded as the Just Cause 4 Xbox One X Enhanced release is confirmed as the official tracking list on Xbox has it noted. The game is listed as being "Available Now" for an enhancement and that isn't surprising since this title is aiming to push mechanics. Furthermore, that Square Enix is definitely supporting the improvements for their new releases. For now we have basic details as its "Available Now" with support for an improved resolution and HDR support. With this release it's also unlikely to support VRR.

The game will be enhanced right upon launch as opposed to post. For context, Just Cause 4 brings a massive world of destruction with crazy giant elemental storms. There's stunning wild elemental conditions to take advantage of to turn the tides against any oppressing enemies. This is a brand new place to explore with various environments and places to explore through a plethora of methods. The grappling hook has been greatly improved with new options to tie things together or spice it up with various abilities based on elemental aspects. The Just Cause 4 Xbox One X enhanced releases on December 4, 2018 on Xbox One platforms.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner