Just Dance 2021 Xbox One to Xbox Series & PS4 to PS5 Free Digital Upgrade Confirmed

September 10, 2020 at 7:44pm
By Jason Stettner

If you’re planning on buying Just Dance 2021 digitally on either Xbox One or PS4 you’ll be granted a free digital upgrade when the Xbox Series X/S or PS5 releases. You will of course only be able to upgrade on your particular platform, and physical copies will not work in this way. Xbox discs do work on both platforms.

To clarify further to assist with any confusion; a purchase of the game on Xbox One grants access on Xbox Series X/S. The same works on Playstation, purchasing the PS4 version grants access to the PS5 version. It’s a free digital upgrade and great value to the consumer.
Just Dance 2021
This was confirmed by our Ubisoft rep upon inquiry in regards to whether this was a cross-buy title. It’s great that the publisher is supporting this option in order to assist with smooth transfers to the next generation of consoles. It’ll be easy to keep the groove going towards the new consoles.

It will also release on Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia platforms. There will be a new selection of songs that get boosted by the Just Dance Unlimited subscription offering. Read our review of the previous entry below, or check out the general hub for further coverage of this groovy series.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner