Lawbreakers on Playstation 4 Was a Mistake (Cliff Bleszinski)

May 19, 2020 at 6:19pm
By Jason Stettner

As is almost a tradition; Cliff Bleszinski has randomly tweeted out some interesting details about Lawbreakers, and the demise of the game. The big mention this time being that it was a mistake putting Lawbreakers on the Playstation 4 over the Xbox One.

He goes on to note that when people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears of War on Xbox, that it might have made sense to put your new game on said console. Which does make total sense for sure, and did at the time too.

There are further details that a deeper breakdown onto what happened with Lawbreakers and the studio behind it in the Boss Key chapter of his memoir. As mentioned, the tweets are linked and bold below as well in text for easy reading.
Lawbreakers Screenshot
The original tweet is as follows; ” Oh and while I have your attention - yes, it WAS a mistake putting LawBreakers on Playstation over Xbox. :)”

The second tweet to follow-up on the first is about the memoir. ” (The Boss Key chapter of my memoir is going to break ALL of this down, I assure you.)”

The final main tweet that was a part of this thread is as follows. ” (when people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears on Xbox uhhh mighta made sense to put the new game on said console)”

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