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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Now Free via Games with Gold

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is now free via Games with Gold for those Gold subscribing members on Xbox One or Xbox 360. Grabbing the license for the game will allow players to enjoy the full experience of the game while they're subscribed. It will be available on Games with Gold from June 15th to 30th 2018. It's an alright size game taking a total of 6.22 GB on your hard drive. You can view all the currently available GWG games here as it will be joined by Smite's Gold Bundle on Xbox One during the latter of June. This title is also Xbox Backwards Compatible so it can be played on Xbox One along with any and all DLC.

The game was published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Traveller's Tales. The game brings this complete LEGO experience of the Indiana Jones universe as all four films come together. Whether you're running from massive boulders, slapping snakes or venturing on a Last Crusade the whole thing is here. There's amazing local cooperative multiplayer and some customization options for levels. Prepare the whip and grab your crew for one large, fun adventure within a world that's built block by block for a classic tale.

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