Life is Strange 2 Xbox One X Enhanced

With little to no surprise this follow-up episodic series from DontNod is upgraded as the Life is Strange 2 Xbox One X Enhanced release is confirmed as the official tracking list on Xbox has it noted. The game is listed as being "Available Now" for an enhancement and that isn't surprising considering the other releases. Furthermore, their prologue adventure also supported the improvement. For now we have basic details as its "Available Now" with support for an improved resolution and no HDR. With this release it's also unlikely to ever support VRR.

The game will be enhanced right upon launch as opposed to post. For context, Life is Strange 2 is a brand new episodic series taking themes from the other titles while being distinctly new. It's oddly downgraded in terms of visual options in regards to what Before the Storm had and closer to their prequel release. This new season follows two brothers that go on the run and head to cross the south country border after a sorrowing family lost. It would appear that one of them has powers beyond comprehension and that will factor into how the narrative evolves. Your choices have meaning and will directly alter the state of your young brother's thought process. Enjoy the journey, feel the emotions and manage your money out there in this tough world. The Life is Strange 2 Xbox One X enhanced releases on September 27, 2018 on Xbox One platforms.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner