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Marvel's Spider-Man Map Revealed

The Marvel's Spider-Man Map has been revealed showcasing the massive open world New York that players explore. This large scale environment is filled with buildings that capture the iconic landmass well. It really is a free playground for any player to explore easily as they web sling around throughout it. There are just a ton of side activities to take part in whether you're snapping pictures of buildings or finishing off crime situations.

Interact with folks on the street or just walk along them taking in the sites. It's quite something and unlike any city emulation before it, this really does help make Spiderman's life come alive on the Playstation 4 exclusive release. This is the next level of quality for the character and it is presented in a dynamic world that continues to change, the map is revealed through the unlocking of towers across the world. Click the map to see the full version in 4k.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Map New York Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner