Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Delisted

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are now delisted, or at least unavailable according to the Xbox Store page. This follows a brief sale the prior week with no official notice of this delisting event coming along. The removal of these games from the store follows a similar pattern as many other Activision franchises with the licensing running out for older titles. We saw this recently with the Transformers games they had. There's no word on if the games will return, but that seems unlikely considering it's Marvel and that the other Activision titles with expired licenses haven't returned yet either.

I mention Marvel as it seems a number of game based properties have been closing down to focus efforts going forward on their new licensed games, an example of this is the somewhat recent closure of Marvel Heroes Omega. The two games delisted were Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which were available digitally as a separate or bundled purchase. When it comes to the current generation these were apparently only digital purchases so they're now lost to time. If you owned the games previously they can be downloaded at any time. For context, the games were focused around collecting a massive roster of Marvel based heroes and then using them to battle various villains from the universes. This was a cooperative focused experience for offline and online multiplayer.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner